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TrackLeft is the simple Sales Acceleration Platform that integrates work-paced learning and contact management.

  • Sales training reinforcement solution
  • Create a common message and process for your team to follow
  • Flexible and easy to build playbooks — no help from IT department
  • Reduce new hire ramp time — don’t let them figure it out on their own
  • Analytics — for the rep and the manager
  • Mobile ready — A sales tool that you can take to your meeting

Icon Notes

Effortlessly record all your meeting notes during a sales call. Why take notes in a portfolio? You'll always have more work when you've got to transfer them to a CRM, or worse, you lose them. Type or use icons... they've made texting more efficient, why not sales?

Playbook Builder

Digitize your sales process and loose the binder. Build and expand on your process over time. Share best practices and sell like a pro. Every winning sports team has a playbook for a reason... every professional seller should have one too.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice in a safe environment before you engage with prospects. Get comfortable with specific language and best practices, then translate it into a live sales call with a roadmap.

Personal Growth

Everyone has room to improve. After each sales call, take a moment to debrief and learn from the experience. Share it with a mentor or coach for added training, or use it to coach yourself for the next sales call.

How It Works

  1. 1 Digitize

    Digitize your sales process by making Playbooks, Tabs, Cards, and Processes. Start with your samples or create your own from scratch. This process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to multiple work days, depending on the size of your organization and what you're trying to accomplish.

  2. 2 Practice

    Let your sales team take your new digital process for a spin. They can record their thoughts about the process, customer objections, negative feelings, or sparks of inspiration for improvement within the system using icon notes.

  3. 3 Review

    As a sales manager, you can review the comments and debriefs of anyone in your team. With this informaiton you can make judgement calls about what parts of the process to improve or which team members need more resources to succeed.

  4. 4 Update

    Make changes to your sales process and track the improvements. You can easily see which playbooks are doing better by checking the average positivity rating of any conversation.

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