9 Benefits of Using a Sales Acceleration Platform

  1. 1

    Sales training reinforcement

    Increase the ROI of a sales training initiative by crafting playbooks around your learnings. Apply the methodology with each client conversation. No more binders.

  2. 2

    Coaching Tool

    Use the note icons to critique how you did in following your process. Let your coach know where you need help.

  3. 3

    Follow Your Sales Pro

    A great place to capture and distribute best practices to the team. Conduct A/B testing by giving groups different processes.

  4. 4

    Pre-call planning

    Conduct better pre-call planning using the conversation history feature. You always have the ability to practice your playbooks.

  5. 5

    Pipeline probability

    The note icons will allow you to capture the subjectivity of the opportunity throughout each stage of the process.

  6. 6

    Playbook builder

    Customizable for any process, you don’t need help from your IT department.

  7. 7

    Digital playbooks

    Curate the language and questions that you want to apply to each conversation. Spoon fed to the new hire. A good reminder for the veteran sales professional.

  8. 8

    Work-paced learning

    Rather than watching hours of videos to grasp and apply the best practices of experts, use our playbooks with each conversation.

  9. 9

    New hire onboarding

    Speed up the success of a new hire by giving the stuff that works right out of the gate. Why wait six months for them to figure it out.