Sales Team Growing Pains: Onboarding

Great news… your company is growing! You’ve gotten beyond that point in the entrepreneurial process where you’ve got a product/service people love, they’re paying you and you’re making some money, the operational efficiencies are in place (changed from time to time but they’re in place!). You’ve decided that it's finally time… you’re going to hire a sales person and start to re-create your revenue driving skills.

Day one… your new seller comes on board. You and her both have high hopes for success. You interviewed a couple people, this one came with a great history and rolodex. Things start off well, and life is great! So you double down… lets hire another one. This one is also good… not as good as your first hire, but not bad either. As you’re getting comfortable with the idea that you’ve got this under control, you start looking for the 3rd hire for your sales team. Then you get the first hiccup in this plan… hire #1 leaves for another company. You push forward with hire #3, and that one doesn’t really work out so well. You finally realize that what you thought was going well, is very quickly going bad. Welcome to the next big step in the growth of your company. You have a process for accounting, you have a process for operations, you have a process for onboarding new clients, but your sales department is chaos. Even worse, you have no idea what the good seller did… specifically… that made them a top performer. You missed the opportunity to capture their process and replicate it for new hires that you brought in behind them.

One of the biggest hurdles a growing company has, is capturing the best skills of the top sellers, building the best and most efficient sales process to teach and train to new hires, and finally, how to capture, store, and disseminate this information so that it can be found when its needed, and used where it's needed most… in a live sales call.

Assuming you’ve got the forethought to actually capture the best practices, magic phrases, and step by step approach that top sales talent takes to close business efficiently, where do you store it?? For most companies, it’s in the heads of the top sellers. For others, they’ve captured it in a word document or PDF, and the best of the best have put it in a binder, ready to go… But very few have turned that binder into a digital playbook that can be used to onboard efficiently, practice in pre-call planning, use in a live sales environment, and finally to debrief and grow. Why haven’t they done this??? Sounds like a reasonable thing for a growing company to invest in right??? Might be that there hasn’t ever been a place to do all that… until now that is. Welcome to TrackLeft. We think we’re onto something here…

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